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Marty The Moth | Entrepreneur | Entertainer | Pro-Wrestler

Marty The Moth of Lucha Underground, Martin Casaus is an actor, professional wrestler, health enthusiast, Youtuber, and Twitch Gamer. In 2004, Martin had his first taste of the entertainment business when he went on the set of Everwood to play an antagonist as a featured folkstyle wrestler.

Martin Casaus began booking commercials such as Lays, Doritos, 7 up, Kt Sports tape, and more. In 2011, Martin was selected from thousands of applicants for the revival of WWE Tough Enough television series on the USA network, which was hosted by Stone Cold Steve Austin. After the leaving the series, he started booking roles in both television shows and film shorts.

In September 2014, Casaus confirmed he signed with El Rey network’s Emmy nominated television series “Lucha Underground” produced by Robert Rodriguez and Mark Burnett. Martin now stars as an Aztec pride-ful” and female loving Marty The Moth Martinez

In 2017, Martin was cast in Adam Sandlers film Sandy Wexler showing on Netflix. Martin was cast to work along with Adam Sandler and Terry Crews in the film Sandy Wexler. 

In 2018, Martin was announced as a cast member for the new WGN america show Ring warriors. Also in the same year, Martin began his Youtube channel and streaming on Twitch.

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