Marty The Moth Play-By-Play
Of “Fenix To A Flame”



Lunch time after a hard days work …


Someone forgot to pack my SnackPack pudding and that pissed me off…


Found something else to eat …


5 Stars. My compliments to the chef …


Left overs for Melissa Santos …

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Review and summary

“… Marty the Moth vs Fenix. With a rivalry renewed, the two are able to find a good balance between high speed action and hard hitting fury. As with all of Fenix’s matches, he plays a perfect underdog. If Rey Mysterio wasn’t already in Lucha Underground, Fenix would be the best Mysterio that Lucha Underground could offer. And Marty the Moth is the most convincing creep I’ve ever seen in professional wrestling. I can’t even compare him to anybody. He’s just a one of a kind creepy little bastard. The two work well together and make a compelling contrast of styles. To add fuel to the feud, Marty tries relentlessly to tear away at Fenix’s mask every chance he gets. As far as aggresive action and good chemistry goes, the two had a good match.”

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