Being a pro wrestler, I get asked health-related questions all the time. In hopes of answering some of these questions, I have compiled the things that I do to manage my fitness. These are simple, but they are the best way that I have found to manage weight. Without any further adieu, here are the five tips I use to manage my weight and health as a pro wrestler.

1. Have a Specific Physical Health Goal

At all times during my life when I’ve been successful with my health I’ve had a specific physical goal I was trying to attain; bulk up 15 pounds, shred to a certain body fat percentage, etc.  A specific and measurable goal gives me something to work towards and focus on. Make a goal and make it specific. Don’t make a goal of lean up or get bigger. Make a goal of how many pounds or body fat percentage your aiming for. Something you can measure your success throughout your journey. Little victories can mean the world when sticking to a diet gets tough.

2. Eat Every Three Hours

I eat something every three hours. This isn’t just snacking, this is keeping track of what I’m putting into my body so that I can reach that weight goal I’ve set. When I eat every three hours my body isn’t worried about when it’s getting its next meal and it can burn the fat it would normally store. Eat healthy and often. Set an alarm if you have to like i did

3. Use Nutritional Supplements

Using nutritional supplements is a great way to get your health back and maintain it.  When I’m using nutritional supplements I use V-Slim weight management and my Core supplements for my multivitamin.  I dropped 15 pounds off in 3 weeks just before shooting season 4 of Lucha Underground using these. These supplements are great and what I use to get what I need as far as nutritional needs. Lyme disease makes me picky on what I use continuously and I’ve tried a lot so these are what I stand by

4. Keep to My Workout Plan

When I’m managing my health I stick to my workout plan. This keeps my body healthy, and this keeps my body moving. It is easy to slack in your workout, but, trust me, you’ll feel better if you keep to your workout plan. Consistency is key.

5. Limit Your Vices—Don’t Eliminate Them

I’ll be honest with you, chocolate and Pepsi are my Achilles heel. I love them both and want them in my life every single day! However, I have to be smart and remember the goals that I have set. So I limit the chocolate and Pepsi in my diet, but I don’t completely eliminate them.

Since they are part of my lifestyle I limit, but I don’t eliminate them, like I would in a temporary diet. When you limit your vices but keep them in your diet it helps you to feel like yourself even when you are making sacrifices. Find your Achilles heels and limit them, but don’t say goodbye to them.

These five tips are a great way to manage your health and fitness goals and they allow you to be a little bit flexible without being on a temporary diet.

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