If you’ve watched me you’ve probably seen me do some things that are quite painful, in and or around the wrestling ring and when you’re a professional wrestler you’re gonna hit some bumps in the road and usually those are painful bumps. What I have learned is if you want to even come close to your goals, you’ve got to push past them. So here are my most painful times as a wrestler. 

Good Ole WWE Tough Enough

Some know me as Marty the Moth Martinez from Lucha Underground. A man that is full of Aztec Pride, 225 lb mound of sexiness, and who is awesome with the ladies, hi Melissa Santos. Others may remember me as Martin. A 190 pound, short-haired, and cleanly shaven contestant from the 2011 version of WWE Tough Enough. In either case, I was on the show, and to me, it was a great experience. I met some great people, I was getting paid to wrestle, lived in a mansion, had 24/7 access to free Jack Daniels, and oh and there was Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bill Demott, Booker T, and Trish Stratus that I got to work with every day. So as SCSA would say “Oh Hell Yeah” I enjoyed it….all except one little pop that happened. That pop was my ankle breaking (see image above) by what countless doctors said was a “freak accident” and what I knew was bad news. There are countless podcasts where I talk about my thoughts on this. It hurt like hell, I did about 2 more drills before I was pulled out by Bill Demott, and spent the rest of the night in the hospital asking for 2nd and 7th opinions on my x-rays. Either way, it sucked and that was the end for me in the competition. My ankle broke and I will forever have metal in my leg as a memento. Everything happens for a reason, and I’m doing fantastical but you can watch it all go down currently on the WWE Network. The link is below to check the network out and catch the show for yourselves.


I broke my ribs, double tapped it in Mexico, and then built a house

Long story short, I broke my ribs in an independent show here in the US. Someone hit me with a foreign object and I knew immediately something was wrong…again. FYI, I know the guy and I know it wasn’t on purpose. My rib fractured on contact and I was supposed to be out for awhile. Well at that time I was wrestling in Lucha Libre AAA in Mexico, a regular on their TV program, and Triplemania was almost here. (AAA’s biggest show of the year in Mexico City). So I couldn’t stop wrestling. They took care of me and I made it to Triplemania. I also rebroke my ribs AT Triplemania and essentially double tapped it but that’s another story as this blog is already too long and its the same injury we’re talking about.

I also at that time bought a house that needed everything done do it including framing, plumbing, electrical, sheetrock, paint, windows, like everything. Since we essentially re-did the whole house we had a time where the kitchen wasn’t working until I finished building it. So, my ribs were broke, I had to wrestle on the weekends, and remodeled a house during the week until I had a working kitchen. Fast food sucks on your diet. Needless to say, my ribs didn’t have much help healing from me and it took much longer to heal. I literally lived off Renew, Core, and Ibuprofen for a while. Renew helped my inflammation and pain. Core helped me grow the bone and my hair back faster. Ibuprofen was for obvious reasons. That’s actually right after I started vlogging so I had my ribs in some sort of broken stage from vlogs 4-7. Check it out here:


This was a few months of the same injury rebreaking and essentially just hurting all the time so I lumped it all into one big suckfest of pain for this blog.

Monday Night Raw after Wrestlemania 27

Another one of the most painful experiences for me was the Monday Night Raw the night after WrestleMania XXVII. They were announcing the airing of WWE Tough Enough that night and the TE contestants and I were supposed to walk down to the ring to introduce ourselves to the WWE Universe and drink beer with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Yeah, you wouldn’t think that the most painful experience and drinking beer with the Rattlesnake would be in the same situation right? Well by this time we had filmed the entirety of Tough Enough, except for the live winner announcement. That meaning, in real life, I had a VERY broken ankle who’s surgery wasn’t scheduled until that Wednesday; but the show’s premiere was airing that night and that meant no one in the audience or on TV could see that my ankle was broken. It would essentially ruin that aspect of the show for them. So I was asked if I could walk without my crutches. I said I haven’t really tried but I could figure it out if I had to. Well, I had to.

They talked about it and we did a few rehearsal walks so everyone knew where to stand etc. Walking without crutches I was too slow to keep up with everyone walking in so that’s why you see me in the back of the introductions that night.  If I’m limping with a broken ankle the night of the premiere I obviously didn’t win the show. So I could walk or I could stay in the back and enjoy the show. Hmmmm… I get it, but I wasn’t missing my chance to fulfill a dream me and 96% of kids have when they are young, to walk out on Monday Night Raw live in front of millions. So after all these years of working, I finally get to walk down the ramp on Raw.  I just have to do it while pretending my leg isn’t broken and hoping I don’t fall down or hop too much. So that ramp everyone dreams and works so hard for was the longest, most painful, ramp I’ve ever been down. I almost fell getting into the ring because that was the hardest part of the whole thing. But I walked down the ramp on Monday Night Raw, crashed beers together, and got beer covered with Stone Cold Steve Austin. That’s one for the bucket list. The painful walk of death was well worth it. The WWE has it on their Youtube here.


Lucha Underground Season 4 premiere

My arm was broken on Lucha Underground on the Season 4 premiere by Pentagon Dark. It’s TV. I’m just still emotionally scarred. Like Stephanie Tanner would say….

These are some of my most painful wrestling experiences. Did you think I was going to mention something different? Comment below what painful experiences you had or what you thought I’d say. Yes, I actually read them all. Most entertaining comment gets a free t-shirt.