You never want to jump into a race or a workout without doing some kind of preparation before. And you definitely don’t want to jump into a wrestling match without it!


Now, if you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of my wrestling and Lucha Underground prep, today is your lucky day. Because I’m going to let you in on my secret pre-match routine. Ok, so it’s not really that secret, but here are five steps to getting me ready to enter the ring!


Step 1. Eat right.

I make sure there is some solid food in me. I like to get a healthy protein, fat, and carb mix at every meal. You know I love my chocolate and Pepsi, but when I’m eating to prepare for a match, I always stick to the healthy stuff that I know works for my body. (Save the junk food and local culture-tasting for after.)

I go into more detail on this here


Step 2. Vitamin up!

Vitamins are key and Vasayo supplements are a good way to get them in! I take V3 in the morning and one just before I go to the match. It gives me sustained energy, and it’s great for my pre-workout (or pre-match) needs.


Step 3. Put my boots on first.

I always put my boots on first. They take forever to lace up, so I like to get them on first and get that out of the way so I can mingle with the crew. I really NEEd to get boots boots with a zipper on them. Way faster


Step 4. Set up.

I go see what I’m doing in the show that day, who I’m up against. Then I go lay out my merch on the merch tables. Hats, hoodies, shirts, mugs, stickers—there’s all kind of good “Marty the Moth” and “Martin Casaus” stuff.  Even a yoga mat. Check it out!


Step 5. Stretch and slap.

Finally, I stretch, squat, pour water and slap the hell out of myself to make sure my body wakes up. I have to get into the zone and be pumped up before I get into the ring.


And there you have it!

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