Leslie dean, Brutus, and Jasper dogs

Recently, my uncle Tom passed away and I was thinking about the last words I said to him. “You get better and I’ll see you soon”. It makes me appreciate the moments I have with my family. As I type this up, I have my beautiful girl Leslie Dean laying in my arms and two floppy eared dogs asleep at our feet.


This weekend we celebrated Cinco de Mayo. I remember it used to just be a reason for me to party and get wasted. It’s still just a reason for me to party. I am half Mexican but the party in me has changed.


The important things have changed as I’ve gotten older and wiser. The moments like this exact moment as I lay here with my sleeping family that make me far happier than a shot ever would. I’ll still take shots FYI. I like whiskey 😉


Find what makes you happy and find a way to make a living doing that passion. I love goofing off and being athletic and wrestling fit perfectly into this. I love being random, hanging with my girl, and playing video games so I started a twitch channel. Twitch.tv/martythemothcasaus


I’m still testing the blogs out. I guess this will be a place I put my thoughts, and with your help, maybe help one person find their passion or get through things easier. We’re all getting through this life someway or another and we only get one life to live so we might as well enjoy it and make the most of it.


Remember though as we’re enjoying life and living it. Don’t forget to reflect on what got you to where you are. Our daily good and not so good decisions are what brought us here. Let’s not get so wrapped in it that we take for granted the “I’ll see you soon” we say to everyone. You may not get the chance.


This goes out to my uncle “Rocky”. I love you and I will see you again….Just not yet


Uncle Tom showing love with the Martin Casaus hat