As a full time professional wrestler, and overall generally a crazy person, I have put my body through hell. From my career, dealing with Lyme disease, and injuries, I’ve learned a lot about what makes my body function like I need it to. As an Entrepreneur, I wear a lot of hats and need my body to keep up. Coincidentally the question “how can i get in better shape/feel better” is one of the most asked questions I get……almost as much as “how do I become a wrestler”. Therefore, I feel lucky I went through what the hell I did because now I know what works for me. If it works for me, it might work for someone else. So, some colleagues and I created a Facebook page. In this page we offer things like health advice, workouts, product recommendations, recipes, accountability, and more. I went through hell for years with health problems so if I can help someone else not feel like I did, that’s what I’d like to do. So if you would like to see what my colleagues and I do to feel our best, check out the group below. Write in that you heard about it from me so I can approve you.

Martin Casaus Healthy Living Journey Group

Along the way of life,  I’ve learned what makes my body feel good and what makes me question my life choices. Here is what I use in order to keep kicking in faces…..