Martin Casaus

Get the Most from Your Supplements

I’ve taken Vasayo MicroLife supplements for over a year and I’ve clearly seen improvements in energy, focus, and sleep; a must have to get through my day on set, at the ring, or in the office! I’ve been skeptical of supplements for years because it seemed none of them worked. I looked into it and found out that most supplements aren’t even absorbed in the body and are just expensive urine in the long run anyways. I need to be 110% in order to run my business, film, and wrestle, so i found these….

What Makes MicroLife Different?

“… Advanced Delivery Technology uses liposomes to help nutrients pass through the harsh environment of the digestive system intact for better absorption and use by the body.”

The Result?

Premium quality supplements that maximize the results and minimize waste! My real result? I can kick people in the face better in the ring, close business deals, and make better movies!