As an actor and professional wrestler, maintaining a healthy diet is essential. Over the years, I’ve developed several healthy habits to keep my body functioning at the highest level, no matter what the obstacle. Here are 5 of my favorite healthy habits I recommend to anyone wanting to keep their body in the best possible condition.

Habit 1: Know what you’re eating for, pick a specific fitness goal and work towards it

Whether your ultimate goal is to lose weight or to gain it, you need to make a specific goal. So pick something specific. “I want to lose 10 pounds, rather than I want to lose weight”. “I want 15% or less body fat rather than I want to get in better shape” You cant make a roadmap to somewhere without picking a final destination. Be specific

Habit 2: Eat a healthy protein, fat, and carb mix at every meal.

Maintaining the proper nutritional balance is essential to achieve your health goal. Know the best mix for the goal you’re trying to attain and eat to make it happen

Habit 3: Eat every 3 hours to keep your body’s metabolism going.

After WWE Tough Enough, Stone Cold Steve Austin told me I needed to put on some weight. I hired a personal trainer who had me start eating every 3 hours and his plan allowed me to put on 40 pounds of good, healthy weight by the time Lucha Underground began. Eat often and eat right! How you look and feel is gonna be based on what you do in the kitchen

Habit 4: Supplement up!

Food alone these days just doesn’t cut it anymore. Due to the way food is processed now, supplementation is key to best nutrition. You’ve gotta have a good base multivitamin to make sure you have a solid foundation. I use Core Complete and V-Slim daily for this and to boost my metabolism. I used to drink 5 to 7 energy drinks a day and we know how healthy that is for you…spoiler alert……..its not. I now only use V3 daily, using V3 both in the morning and again later in the day for my energy and preworkout needs. I use Renew after workouts and when I’m sore from the ring or travel for inflammation. I use Neuro for my brain food. I always take Sleep before I head to bed for the night—well, before I go to sleep, ;)

Habit 5: Don’t underestimate the importance of meal prep.

You can’t just aimlessly look for something to eat when you’re hungry. You won’t make good choices. Two words: meal prep. Right now I’m doing the 1% Fitness Challenge for 6 weeks, so I’m getting my meals prepped from them.  Meal prepping takes the guesswork out of your diet and having 1% fitness prepping my meals has been delicious and awesome addition to my diet. Check out they’re plans at and use the code “martin10” for 10% off!

Take Control

Are you ready to take control of your health? Figure out the goal, make the plan, eat up, supplement up, and stick to it! That’s what I do. It does a body good :)

Dont believe me? Watch it in action here

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